Forum 3 – Staples & Garbarino

Forum post #3


Garbarino makes the point that all of the youth violence has some form of cause. Eric’s cause appears to be the lack of meaning given to his life as a whole. Staples explains how schools only teach kids the facts and tools needed to perform in college and the work place. Eric emulates Staple’s point of view when he writes about school: “Its society’s way of turning all the young people into good little robots and factory workers. That’s why we sit in desks in rows and go by bell  schedules, to get prepared for the real world cause “that’s what its like.” Well god damn it no it isn’t! one thing that separates us from other animals is the fact that we can carry actual thoughts. So why don’t we?” (P26,006) The use of the word “robots” indicates that Eric believes school isn’t teaching kids how to be people; School is teaching kids how to be a contributor to our society.  Garbarino discusses how the history of black people in America has always been that they are worse off than white people.  Eric has obviously bought in to this historical belief when he writes “People always say we shouldn’t be racist. Why not? Blacks ARE different. Like it or not they are. They started out on the bottom so why not keep em there.” (P26,009). Eric is mentioning how black people were at the bottom and we should keep them there, and Garbarino’s explanation of how nobody cares about violence in poor ethnic areas shows that many people who say they care about equality either don’t actually care or don’t care enough to try to make a difference.  The media only shows what will get views which means that if the media isn’t showing violence in urban war zones then a majority of their viewers don’t care about that violence.  Although many people do not want the minorities to stay on the bottom, the fact that nobody (or very few people) cares about what is happening in poor minority neighborhoods points towards the idea that people don’t care if they stay at the bottom.

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